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Welcome to Solpate

Some say Solpate forest is haunted, but the refugees who live there know the truth: enchanted.

The enchantment over the forest has molded its animal occupants into fantastical sights. Moss from rich green to teal grows in place of fur. Bark and wood replace the stag’s majestic bone headpieces. Vibrant petals of every color adorn the birds, giving them the appearance of living blossoms.

But the enchantment holds a dangerous side. The ramblers.

By day, the ramblers compare to any other tree, save for their massive size. When night falls, the trouble begins. Trunks pull their roots free from the soil and roam Solpate. Though docile if left alone, crossing their path can prove deadly. One stomp of a root has enough power to crush a grown man as easily as an ant.

Those who dare call Soplate home must acquire a healthy dose of fear for its inhabitants if they wish to survive.

Interesting Fact: In the first draft of the book, the forest was normal. I had this ridiculous idea to add a man vs. nature sort of conflict which birthed the ramblers. From there, I expanded the idea to include the animals. It was a challenge to figure out how the refugees would live/adapt to the change, but I’m happy with the end result.

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Sep 01, 2019

I love that nature is an active part of the story.


Aug 30, 2019

This sounds so cool!

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