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Beyond the Flame goes Beyond Expectations

The new year of 2023 started out with a bang! Book three earned not one but THREE awards in the fantasy genre. Usually I don't talk much about these, but I am working on celebrating my victories and accomplishments this year.

The beginning of January marked the first news with receiving the 2023 Pinnacle Achievement Award, an award that is quite familiar to the series. Every title in the Essence of Ohr collection has received this award and the streak hasn't broken yet. It came at a great time. My imposter syndrome was reaching its peak when the email popped up in my inbox.

February came with another surprise. I had previously submitted Beyond the Flame to Feathered Quill for a professional book review and decided to apply for the Awards program at the same time. Little did I know it would win bronze in Fantasy. While some may think bronze is no gold, I would disagree. Bronze is my lucky placement. When I was competing in color guard professionally, my group snagged a bronze medal in world championships. Then again, back in 2020, my debut novel claimed a bronze in the Reader's Favorite Awards. Bronze is special to me. I am so grateful for the accolade.

Then, we come to March. The Book Excellence Awards just announced their winners and Beyond the Flame was marked a Finalist. I didn't expect this one with the increase in applicants this year. That, and my head was focused elsewhere doing edits and on my final book.

Three awards for book three. It is a satisfying set. In total, that brings the total count for the Essence of Ohr series to eight awards. I am incredibly pleased and proud of how far this passion of mine has come.

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