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Beyond the Flame ebook and Paperback Release

The third installment of the Essence of Ohr series is now available in ebook and paperback!

This book took a lot of courage to write. I remember being in the midst of writing and wondering how the story would turn out. Sure, I use an outline and follow it pretty strictly, but some scenes and moments in character development snuck up on me and I had to take a detour from the planned storyline. My own emotions and experiences are in these characters. I find that the deeper I get into the series and the more complicated the lore and relationships become.

The ending of this book was a shock to me. I knew what needed to happen, and it conflicted with what I selfishly wanted for the story and my characters. But the common theme throughout this series is victory and survival comes at a price. There is no easy way out. Things must break to be fixed. Dark needs to thrive before the light can break through. Even when I sent the final edits to my publisher, I had doubts, but now, holding the book in my hands, I know this is the right path for Kole and Ohr. I hope you enjoy Beyond the Flame, and that it prepares you for the beginning of the end of Kole's story.

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