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Get a FREE Copy!

For a short while you can get a free download of WARDEN'S REIGN. My publisher is doing a promotion with me and Jeff Altabef. If you purchase the Amazon Kindle version of his fantasy thriller, WIND CATCHER, a free downlaod for the first book in Essence of Ohr series will be in the back.

LIMITED TIME ONLY! The offer is good until December 12th 2021!

Click HERE to get the deal.

Below is the blurb for WIND CATCHER and a few of the many reviews and awards Jeff has recieved for his book.

My name is Juliet Wildfire Stone, and I’m in big, life-and-death-sized trouble. It turns out there’s a big difference between being mostly human and being entirely human.


I’ve started seeing visions and hearing voices, and have no idea what they mean. It seems I’m a Chosen, but the abilities I’ve started to develop might not be enough to save me. A powerful entity called a Seeker is hunting me, and he’s close—really close.

I uncover an ancient secret society formed over two hundred years ago to keep me safe—me! I never asked these people to die for me, and I don’t want it. I must win this fight on my own. Prepared or not, I’ll face my fate and become the Chosen I’ve been destined to be all along.

  • WINNER: Readers’ Favorite Book Awards – Gold Medal: Young Adult Coming-of-Age (2015)

  • WINNER: Beverly Hills Books Awards: Best Young Adult Fiction (2015)

  • WINNER: Mom’s Choice Awards – Silver Medal: Young Adult Books (2015)

  • WINNER: Awesome Indies – Seal of Approval: “A treat to read.” (2015)


"This is an enjoyable read for all ages that goes by as fast as the authors can unspool it. " -Kirkus Reviews

"This very unique and refreshingly original contemporary fantasy has elements of high epic fantasy woven throughout it, and it will surprise and delight even the most jaded fantasy readers." ~ Jack Magnus, Readers' Favorite Book Reviews "Wind Catcher stands out from the crowd. It's... a powerful young adult adventure steeped in Native American legend and tradition." -Donovan, eBook Reviewer,Midwest Book Review "A treat to read." - Awesome Indies

"Wind Catcher is one of the best thrillers for YA that I have read in some time.... If I hadn't had to eat and sleep, I would have read it right through without stopping. It is just that good!" - Bookends

"I truly enjoyed this book. First the characters are good especially, Juliet and her grandfather Sicheii... This story seemed fresh and original. Finally the writing is superb, great flow, great analogies, great dialogue. If you like books like Harry Potter, Inkheart, Divergent, Twilight, and such, you will love this book!!!!!!!!!" - Author Alex Mueck

"A page turning thrill a minute, Wind Catcher kept me guessing until it's final pages. Age appropriate YA literature at its best. Don't miss it!" - Judy Murphy, Masters School Librarian

"I LOVED Winder Catcher! I haven't read a book as great as this in some time and I'am most definately looking forward to reading even more of this series!" - Kindle Reviewer

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