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Kayetan Character Portrait

If you have read the Essence of Ohr books, you know the Kayetan plays a big part in the story. This demon, created by removing the shadow from a human host through a blood ritual, has tormented Kole, his friends, and Ohr for decades. With long claws that cut clean through tree trunks, sunken faces, and smoke seeping from its shadowed body, these creatures are a haunting threat when night falls, giving them free reign to hunt.

I've been dying to get this creature out of my head and into a concrete, visual representation. If you know me, you know I have no talent when it comes to art, so I searched the internet for an artist who could do my demon justice. The talented Christopher Hershberger at the Dwarven Palette agreed to take on the project. He nailed the eerie quality and managed to come up with a visual that looks somewhere between shadow and ghost. I am in love with this piece.

Find Christopher Hershberger here to see more of his work:

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