Essence of Ohr:Warden's Reign

Orphans are snagged from their beds…

…used in the Warden’s dark experiments.


Those who seek asylum in the forest must survive the dangers of the night, when the forest trees uproot and roam free.


Fifteen-year-old Kole, with the help of his mentor, Russé, has adapted. He’s learned to tame the rampant trees and protect the orphans.


When one of the Warden’s mutated creatures discovers the camp, setting it aflame, Kole’s life is upturned and the refugees’ safe hiding place is lost.


Kole must convince the others to make a stand to save themselves—and all their people—from the anguish of being the subjects of brutal experiments.


But what chance does a rag-tag band of refugees have against the malevolent power and magic of the Warden and his vile creations?

Follow the adventures of Kole in the battle for his life and the lives of his people.


Essence of Ohr: Warden's Reign (Book 1).

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“The world-building is intricate, strange but compelling, drawing fantasy elements into its own cohesive and engaging lore... full of dark thrills, adrenaline-pumping moments, and heavy emotions... With twists, loss, revenge, and a quest for peace and freedom, 'Warden’s Reign' hits all the right notes not just for YA readers but older fantasy fans as well.” ~ Readers’ Favorite Book Reviews, Lit Amri (5 STARS)




“A layered world mythology folds into the gripping plot, and disaster forces the refugees to make a decision that will decide their future. Unique, imaginative, and well-crafted world-building and a plot rife with danger and startling discoveries make for addictive reading.” ~ Readers’ Favorite Book Reviews, Caitlin Lyle Farley (5 STARS)





“'Warden’s Reign' is an exciting beginning to what promises to be an action-packed fantasy series. ...very original and extremely imaginative. Fans of fast-paced fantasy adventures will enjoy reading Warden’s Reign and the rest of the ‘Essence of Ohr’ series.” ~ Readers’ Favorite Book Reviews, Scott Cahan (5 STARS)


w/ Sam Keiser (Cover Artist), Darren Todd (Editor)

Essence of Ohr: Children of the Volcano (Book 2)

With the people cursed by a god—forever doomed—Kole enters their stronghold to seek the heart of the volcano.

Peace has returned to Kole’s city, yet day by day, the world dies. Only the gods can return balance to Ohr. Kole has already found one, Russé, his mentor. Together they decipher the cryptic map in Kole’s head to locate the others, but they aren’t the only ones searching for the gods.

Tailed by the enemy, the trail leads to a volcano in a forsaken land, with winds of swirling ash, toxic fumes, and creatures of living stone. Kole and Russé will discover why the grounds are rumored to be cursed, why no human has set foot near the volcano in centuries, and just how much grit they’ll need if they hope to reach the god first.

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w/Sam Keiser (Cover Artist), Darren Todd (Editor)