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Supporting Small Publishers/Presses and Self-Published Authors

A decade ago, I solely read books I found at big box bookstores. One day, I remember searching the aisles of the Young Adult section in disappointment because I had read most of the books they offered. The limited selection actually turned into a positive moment. That was the day I decided to start writing my own stories. What I didn’t realize was a whole world of books existed beyond the shelves of the bookstores.

Ever since I began writing Essence of Ohr about six years ago, I diverted from retailers and looked online for works. I found fantastic stories that I never would have known existed because they weren’t in stores. It confuses me how such great pieces, in a lot of cases better written than the popular counterparts of the top publishers, can be so unknown to the world. I am determined to support these stories by talented authors that aren’t backed by thousands of dollars in advertisement. It’s the same as supporting small businesses. You can go to Target and buy your clothes and groceries, to McDonalds to get your dinner, or you can find your local boutique, farmers market, or family owned restaurant and fulfill the same needs. Don’t be surprised if the quality is better, or the selection is more diverse.

It all comes down to how you want to spend your money. Big corporations or smaller/local businesses. To each their own, but I have decided to devote my money to the latter. I want to see people thrive and get the success they deserve. I have always loved an underdog.

On that note, I have started a list of books to read by self-published authors and small publishers/presses. I’ve already finished two and given my reviews on Amazon, as I know that helps. If there are any books that fall within this criterion, leave your recommendations down below.

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