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Romance? Yay or Nay?

Do you prefer the character to have a romantic interest?

This totally depends on the plot. Is the romance thrown in to bide time and fill pages? Or does it build/grow the characters involved and help progress the story? I’m not a fan of romance just to have romance. I need it interweaved into the plot and make sense.

Love at first sight? Or slow burn?

To be completely honest, back in my teenage years, I adored reading this trope. It was the Disney fantasy I’d been fed all my life and I was there for it. As I age though, I’ve gotten more… realistic, I guess? If a character falls head over heels for the hunk without so much as knowing his name, I can’t help but roll my eyes. Can they be attracted to them? Sure, I can go with that. Even a crush, I can believe. But if they fall in love immediately, it pulls me out of the story. I suppose it’s just a shifting preference.

I rather enjoy the slow burn type of romance. One that builds as the characters share their personalities. I believe loves that start this way make stronger characters and develop deeper connections, not only with those involved, but it connects more to me as a reader, as well. Not to mention the tension! Slow burn loves leave me flipping the page to see where things go.

Love triangles. Yes, or No?

Personally, I have never been a fan of love triangles. I remember reading Twilight all those years ago and rolling my eyes when Bella ‘couldn’t choose.’ For some reason, it makes it more difficult for me to relate to the character.

I’ve seen love triangles done well, though. One of my peers has one in her story, but I enjoyed it because the romance was a subplot rather than the whole focus. I guess if the romance is given in small doses, it’s easier for me to handle.

What are your thoughts on romance? Feel free to share your answers in the comments.

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