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One Point of View or Multiple

I personally prefer one point of view when it comes to reading a story. It has always been my preference. I found that I usually prefer one character over the other and have the urge to skip ahead or speed read to the character I connect most with. I have attempted to read a few series with 3-6 POV characters and I just couldn’t get through them. I’m sure it’s my fault, not the stories, because all the books I am thinking about are fairly to massively popular. I think the most I can handle is two.

Because of this aversion to multiple POV, when I started writing my own stories, I decided to stick to one character. Warden’s Reign is solely through the main character, Kole’s POV. As I wrote the sequel, I came to a reluctant conclusion. In order to set up the story the way I wanted, I felt I needed to introduce a second POV character. No spoilers. I won’t say who it is seeing how Children of the Volcano won’t be released until 2021. I did enjoy getting into another character’s head in this story, but I kept this new character’s chapters short and only added them when completely necessary. I don’t want to pull too much focus from Kole.

What are your opinions? How do you feel about multiple point of views in stories?

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