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Meet Kole

Kole is a fifteen year old refugee living in the hidden camps within Solpate forest. Though well within his teenage years, his baby face lingers. Along with bright blue eyes and an unruly head of blonde hair, he retains the appearance of a ten year old, to his annoyance. Because of this, Kole feels the need to prove his merit. He throws himself into sticky situations determined to figure it out on the fly, which often gets him in trouble.

For years, Kole has been fascinated with the walking trees of the forest and dreams of becoming a full fledged shepherd, a tamer of trees. He’ll have to learn to steer and commune with them if he hopes to impress his mentor, Russé, and earn his title

His best and life long friend is Niko. Both being orphans, they've adopted each other as family and are rarely seen apart.

Interesting Fact: His original name was Kale until I realized it was the name of a leafy green vegetable.

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