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If I Could Cast Warden's Reign

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

I'm having some fun today and letting my dreams float way beyond what reality will ever gift me. A Warden's Reign movie? Wouldn't that be exciting! Though the chances of something like this ever happening is near impossible, I enjoyed the process of putting some visual pictures of the characters of my story to paper. It's important to me that younger actors play my characters because they are all quite young teens (the main characters at least). Even more ideally, I'd rather have unknown actors in these roles, but it was quite difficult finding people who hadn't already built up a good resume.

Let's start with the refugees in the Northern Camp of Solpate Forest.

Kole- Refugee, Shepherd Apprentice

Levi Miller

Niko- Refugee, Best friend, Shepherd in training

Chance Perdomo

Dya- Refugee, Kole's Rival in the Shepherd Trials

Storm Reid

Goren- Northern Camp Leader

Terry O'Quinn

Russé- Master Shepherd, Green Soul (Risil)

Donald Sutherland

Next up, the rest of the Refugee Camp Leaders

Darian- Leader of the Southern Camp

John Rhys-Davies

Lucca- Leader of the Western Camp

Alfre Woodard

Harlow- Leader of the Eastern camp

Robbie Magasiva

Now for the characters we meet in Socren, starting with the Liberation.

Felix- Member of the Liberation

Timothee Chalamet

Vienna- Member of the Liberation, Leo's right hand

Anya Taylor-Joy

Thomas- Member of the Liberation

Karan Brar

Piper- Member of the Liberation, Sorcerer in Training

Sadie Sink

Leo- Liberation Leader, Sorcerer

Martin Freeman

Unfortunantly, I had a hard time finding thick/strong looking twin actors to portray Criz and Boogy. If you have any ideas let me know!

The antagonists

Savairo- Warden of Socren, Blood Sorcerer

Andy Serkis

Idris- Prime Kayetan

Though Idris would most likely be a CGI creation, we still need a voice for this Kayetan, and I think Dennis Dexter Haysbert would do a great job in this role.

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