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Bookmarks or Dog Ears?

Updated: May 22, 2020

This is a highly controversial subject to many readers, and I know I am going to receive some raised eyebrows from my answer, but here it goes… I use dog ears. There, I said it. I fold that corner over and crease that puppy good. I do this because from a young age I found I could never keep track of a bookmark. I’d buy one, use it for a week, and it would inevitably slide out, I suppose, because that thing was never seen again. Until I got my hands on another, I’d fold over the corner, but this method worked so well, I decided to forget the bookmark altogether.

I’ve always loved buying a fresh book and wearing it in. I enjoy the lines down the creased spine and the slightly warped cover bending outward from overuse. A worn book is a loved book. When I read through the first time, I mark my stopping points with a folded corner. On the second read, it brings back good memories when I pass a page where I had paused before.

Comic books are a different story. The ones I read are short enough to finish in one sitting anyway, but I wouldn’t fold the page and put a crease through the art. I’m not that ruthless.

What’s your way of marking your page? Bookmark or dog ear?

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